Geographic address from text bug?

Hey, anyone having troubles getting text → geographic address recently? I am fetching some addresses from an API as plaintext and need to convert them into bubble’s geographic addresses. I had this working until few days ago.

Before I would do: geographic address = Arbitrary Text
And inside it it would have e.g. Las Vegas Boulevard South 15, 89145, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States or any other text created dynamically.

This used to work just fine, but as of few days, whenever I try to assign a geographic address, it just fails and leaves the field blank in the database.

If anyone knows why this fails or knows some workaround to this I would appreciate your help. Thank you!

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The API key had restrictions set that I wasnt aware of. I had it set to HTTP referrers which allowed only front end.

If you have this issue try setting application restrictions to ‘none’.


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