Geographic Poisition in SE Asia


I am building an app that needs location based information. The app is being developed for use in Thailand.

The Thai postal system is a bit chaotic and doesn’t work well with bubble.

Basically, the names of cities and states etc. are out of whack.

For example, when using the current geographic position function in bubble, it works fine, but the city name is actually being extracted using the “extract:state” rather than “extract:city”…this is because for most locations in Thailand they have a sub-district, district, city ordering…and in some locales the city name is the same as the province name and therefore the province name doesn’t get repeated.

Another quirky issue is that the names of cities could be different. For example, Bangkok comes up as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, which is a short form version of the English translation of the full Thai name for Bangkok (which has over 40 words)…

So what I am wondering is if anybody has any experience with using geographic positions and extracting information correctly as well as recognizing that Krung Thep Maha Nakhon is actually Bangkok?

Any help would be appreciated

By the way this app will hopefully be expanded into other SE Asian countries and other continents, so hopefully there would be a way that doesn’t cause a need to have a mind boggling number of states or conditionals.


@romanmg I believe you are based in Thailand as well and maybe have an idea?

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