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Any recommendations on my little problem, Im creating a booking app based on users address however im noticing some addresses do NOT save the house number… Ive created a little example below.

  • Ive got a geographic searchbox which ill search an address.
  • the save button just saves the value to the database
  • below the search box is a text element displaying the saved result

as you can see the numbers are not saving. Now i know the reason is because the house numbers are not in google maps themselves as each of these streets just automatically return the result to the start of the street but my problem is that when searching using the search box on bubble the results return the number.

Now my question is… how can i save that exact value shown in the searchbox on bubble?

Instead of using a Geographic place field in DB, use a text field.

Sorry forget to mention this, the example above is being saved into a text field.

I tested and got similar issue. What is strange is that we can select the 8 Calandra in the search dropdown. But the value is null or not include the number. Did you try another Google map plugin?
I didn’t test using Autobinding too.

you can also send a support ticket to bubble. I think this is an issue because this should return the content of the field.

Yeh, Been frustrating me for a bit. Thanks for giving it a go.
Im trying agolia places plugin right now and that works, just doesnt save suburb locations.’

lll send a ticket, thanks again
AppAnswering had the answer

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Use Google Places to filter the house numbers.