Save the name of a Place!

Hello everybody,

I am looking this forum for weeks and didn’t find any solution, so…

Is it possible to save the name of a SearchBox (geographic position) ? I can extract all the others values, but not the name. I have no idea why, I tried with Place API but I can not take the name.

It would be so perfect to save an adresse with all its fields easily… Why seems it be so hard ? Does anyone has an idea about that ?

Thank you for helping me to solve this deep problem!


Hi @charly

Look at this example’s-results-1472017471956x981892223072469000

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Thank you @eren but it has a strange behavior : it is creating hostel… in Paris when I am typing a search. And it is very long. Is it normal ? I looked at database and it seems to “scrape” many address around the place, so it will not fit me :worried:

This example shows the way to save names and addresses. I guess I didn’t quite understand what you wanted to do. Can you explain more?

I just have a searchBox with Geographic Address. When I search an address and click on a suggestion, I just want to save the name of the place ! Seems so easy but did not find the way to do it !

Thank you for your help !

If you use it with a map, I guess you get the result you want.

Below is an example available, I hope its help



Thank you,

I don’t use it with a map, it is just a Searchbox extract for the name (the other fields are covered by Bubble in the extract options).

In your example, if I search for “Tour Eiffel”, I would see a good answer in the searchox :

Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars, Avenue Anatole France, Paris, France

I just want “Tour Eiffel” in a field, but even in your example it was not possible. Any ideas ?

Thank you

Please take a look


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Thank you it is in fact the result I am looking for, without the map but it is interesting to see a map marker can keep the place name and be re-used after !

The workflow is a simple selection of a place, extracted from the searchbox, so as to add it in the database. The map is not possible because UI is already full and it doesn’t bring value to add this step. It would be easier to ask customer to write the name of the extracted place in an other input, but you know, so easy to create mispell and error with this… so I imagine it is possible because it is a very necessary workflow and would be very useful in some application (create a new place in the app, thanks to google Database)

Thank you

I think you can always use a hidden element, no matter how crowded the UI is. Pop up, Group Focus or you can create them in layers

Yes sometime I am heading box somewhere but here, the workflow will not make sense for the user (clicking on a map after finding the right adress to validate it) if I understood well ? Or did I missed a possible shortcut?

I used a different plugin for that.

I hope it works for you.



Plugin link

Thank you for the idea. If I understand well, it is a list of answer based on the location, with a very small radius to see just one element ? And a selection after to save this address in particular ? Does it count for 2 API calls for Google ?

I bought this today but it doesn’t seems to work on my site even if I put the good API keys…

No, no matter how big the radius is. I recommend that you examine the contstraints of RG. (location and query)

If the Searchbox (geographic places) doesn’t call a Goggle API, you’re only making 1 call. But I don’t know the clear answer to the first one I’m saying.

Zeroqode’n has its own forum there you can get faster responses.

Good luck!

Thank you ! I was looking for answers there about the plugin but one of the author is here so it is easier to ask the question here because it will help all the community.

For the example, all the solutions where you are looking for “things” at a location should be displayed in a repeating group so as to choose the right place at the same address. I don’t think it is user-friendly at all because you already chose the place in a list of address and it is hard to understand why you have to do it an another time.

If it is not possible to find the place name just with a selection of an address in a Searchbox I will do with that, but I don’t have any proof it is not possible and saw not many reactions on this interesting questions around the web, so maybe there is a simple answer somewhere around ?

Thank you

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Hello @emmanuel, sorry to disturb you but maybe you or the team have an explanation for this lack of “name” field when extracting a place ? I am sorry if I missed the information somewhere, but it is such important in an app that I am surprised not to find the answer somewhere !

Thank you for any light in the darkness . :mage::bulb:


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Good morning, Charles,

You’re missing out on things, so the user doesn’t do two jobs.

I edit the sample exactly as you need it, please review it well.

Additional explanations below

In this example, I brought RG to the minimum dimensions and hid it between the search box and the save button. W: 2 px H: 2 px

I set the Save button to appear when the value of Searchbox changes.

I set the Save button to appear when the value of Searchbox changes.

And the last step

Here, in addition to the previous example, I just did the revision according to the needs of the user, there is nothing different. Bubble is quite flexible and there are multiple ways of doing something.


Good luck with it!

Thank you so much for all your explanations !

I understood the possible hiding in fact to make a realistic list, but :

  • it is not an exact copy of the value in the box : if you type “Tour Eiffel” in french, you will have
    “Eiffel tower” result
  • sometime, you will find some pizza address !

But it is a workaround useful if it is not possible to do with other methods. So It continued my own research and found something interesting

So after doing a lot of tests, I found a very easy way to save the place’s name of a SearchBox looking for a geographic adress.

The problem is : depending of which suggestion you choose in the searchbox for the same address, it will works or not. I think it is because Bubble is making a shortcut with hidden repeating group like @eren was proposing above, so when more than 1 places are in the same address, the name is not sure.

So you need :

  • A searchbox with geographic Address
  • A basic input
  • A specific regex operator : ^([^,])+
  • a workflow to save the value or a text field to display
  1. In the basic input, put “Searchbox Value” as the default Value
  2. In the workflow or the textfield to display/save the name of the place, set the value “Input’s value > more : extracted with Regex” and paste de regex operator ^([^,])+

It works. Now you see, depending of the suggested element you choosed for the address, it doesn’t deliver the same result. It is not the perfect expected behavior for me because I just want to save the autosuggested name, which seems not possible (until somebody here can explain us why?)

Have a good day, and thank you @eren to help me in my search !



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