Geographical address language + customization

I have two questions regarding the geographical address feature. I think its really nice and it works most of the times, but there are two issues i’m having:

  1. Language. Is there a way to standardize the language used to store the address? I can search in English, but the actual address stored is in my local language. Even when I changed my Google Maps settings to English, the locations will still be stored in my local language. If this happens for me, it will definitely happen with users and this is a problem because i want to standardize the names (especially country) for filtering etc. Any ideas on how to achieve this without reverting back to a more static process?

  2. One of my testers tried to find his address and Google returned a slightly different address. Specifically, he typed 1a for the street number, but Google only recognized 1, which is a different building. I tried to change the entry in the backend, and it gave me a successful update confirmation, but didnt actually update. Even with the risk of losing the geographical address feature, would it be possible to make edits? Or would I have to first convert the address to plain text?

Are you talking about the search box?

Yes the autocomplete drop down

Can you look at the Google documentation and see how they handle languages for autocomplete?

Could this help?

“Override the language in the API’s?”

And here the Google explanation:

By default, the Google Maps JavaScript API uses the user’s preferred language setting as specified in the browser, when displaying textual information such as the names for controls, copyright notices, driving directions and labels on maps. In most cases, it’s preferable to respect the browser setting. However, if you want the Maps JavaScript API to ignore the browser’s language setting, you can force it to display information in a particular language by adding a language parameter to the tag when loading the Maps JavaScript API code.

So it sounds like the current setting is the right now, adapting to the user’s language, no?

I dont think so, because when I search for ‘Russia’ for example, it will default to my language and actually save it in my local language in the app. When another user searches for ‘Russia’ and it will store it in English, I have two versions for the same country. They should all be in english. So preferably, even when you search in cyrillic, it would show it in Cyrillic but save the actual address in english so its consistent throughout the app.

Does that make sense?

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Is there a way to do this or would you have to customize that part of the app? Or perhaps a workaround?

I’ll think about it, the tricky thing is that it’s a generic setting that should apply to the whole app, so it’s a pretty big change.

Im wondering if I’m the only one having issues with this? I’m sure there are a lot of people here who have to deal with multiple languages? having to be dependent on a browser setting (or whatever, because everything google related for me is set to English) on the consistency of your data is far from ideal.

Does noone else have issues with this? Or have other people found workarounds?

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I’ll make my main app in two languages, and it’s been a little hard -

UI - maybe I’ll create pages for each language since at start the LocalizeJS or other services are a little steep

Language choice - the best choice should be GeoIP, but I don’t know how to implement it, so, for now, I’ll use a menu

DB- I only use 1 language

About search - I will search what user type, so I don’t have the need to translate user input

EDIT - using this to the UI UI translation using only Bubble

I’m just not sure if this is expected behaviour of this functionality.

I can search in all kinds of languages for the same country for example, but when it saves, it saves in my local language.(which i havent been able to change yet, but that shouldnt matter because im not going to ask users to change their map settings)

If i search in a specific language, it needs to save in that language right?

And have you thought about it ? :blush:

Yeah, no clear plan there yet. That has to be part of a larger internationalization project.

We just added that part of our multi language support plan.



I was wondering if you know how to save searched location names always in English language (disregarding the user’s selected language).

I also need to to keep location names in my db consistent.