Get a list of random items


It appears that random sorting isn’t random sorting at all. I have the following condition:

Yet it always the very same list of prompts in the very same order.
I’ve found out this was an issue from 2019 - How to sort randomly multiple times without changing inputs or refreshing page

Are there any workarounds for that, please? Or maybe plugins?
My issue is that I do this search in backend workflows, so no chance of using page elements.

I have a thought of random number generation with max of count(prompts) and iterating to make a list until N, but this is so much overkill I cannot even imagine something more

How many options match each gender? How much is gen_amounts?

Also you are sorting 2x which may not be the cause of this issue but shouldn’t be done anyways

Gens_amount dynamic (from 1 to 25), options for each sex starts from 20+ count. So it’s not like they are accidentally repeated by chance. I’ve tried multiple times with different gens_amount values.

I’m aware of double sorting, was just showing that neither of them works.

I’m having the same problem with the lack of ‘randomness’ in this feature.

No solution from me unfortunately

Have to make an API call to your own app with the current timestamp (so each call is unique and doesn’t cache the same API response) and other relevant search constraints. The backend does the random search with constraints and returns the unique ID of the thing. You use that response as constraint unique id = response's unique id in a search for that same datatype

Could this method be used to return a random list of id’s? Or just one?

Yea have it return the list of unique IDs, and in the front end do unique id is in response's unique ids :grin:

Hi Tyler - I’ve just given this a shot and unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Using an API call and passed the current timestamp successfully, but I’m still getting the same unique id every time, despite the list being random. Very frustrating

Yeah, I have to add that moving this to Backend Workflows doesn’t solve the problem - it’s random on the initial call, then it’s cached or something, idk.

Well, right now randomization works perfectly fine for something like select * from table. I guess that’s it. I suppose there was some fix (didn’t check the changelog)