Get a page to continue doing its processes when you leave the page


I have a countdown on one of my pages for a live bid but when I leave the page it resets the timer and everything else on the page. how do I keep the information from resetting so I can leave the page and come back and the timer will still keep counting down

What are you using to display the timer? Plugin?


Sounds like the timer is not being stored anywhere, just running in JS.

the timer is a text element with a due every 1 second to mock a countdown, but the input the it goes off of is a date and time picker.

You might be better off using the countdown plugin (it’s free). That way, it uses a database stored date that won’t be reset when leaving a page.

I tried using the countdown plugin but I think im doing something wrong. I have the action to start the countdown and the end date to but the date and time picker input but when I click the button nothing shows up

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