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Countdown that keeps going with page refresh

Hello everyone

I am looking for either a native way through bubble or a plugin that can achieve these three specific functions:

  1. Countdown duration is created with inputs in a form that creates a thing.
  2. Countdown is triggered by an action (button click)
  3. Countdown is not reset with page refresh and instead keeps going.

If you have achieved all or most of these before please give me some guidelines.


When I needed to create this functionality, I followed these instructions:

I believe that with this you will be able to fulfill your first and second requirements. The third requirement, you can use a field in the database instead of using a custom state.

I hope this helps!

Thanks man. I started watching but as I read the comments on her video I realized the Countdown plugin by Copilot should do the job. I have got it to display already and I also got it to keep going despite page refresh. Just need to tweak steps 1 and 2 now

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