Get a random item from data

So I have a data list with about 50 text entries. When my user click on “show me” button, I want one random entry from the data to show. How the heck do i do that?

use a :random item operator

Hi Yamada, thank you - But I meant, I am on blank page where i want to display the random piece of text from my data. What are the steps to do this?

So you want that when the button is click, a text element with random data based on your text entries will show in a blank page?


Create a hidden text element


In the conditional tab, create a condition when button is pressed set the text element visibility to true. Then just show a random item from your database using random item operator.

When the button “show me” is clicked, the workflow is “navigate to page answer”.
On the page “answer” I have a text box. That’s where I want to display the random item from my data but I don’t know how to surface that from my data. Sorry, total newbie here

Ahh I see, you can make use of Get Data From Page URL

So when Button is click, trigger a Go to Page Action then add your parameter. Set the value to a random item from your data source by using random item operator. After that in your page answer, set the value of your text element to Get Data From Page URL and just enter the parameter you set from the first page.