How do I pull a different item from the database each day

Hey, I am making a “daily wisdom” feature; basically a quote that all users can see each day like “Daily Wisdom #109: xxxxxxx”. I guess i just tell the text element to do a search for ‘daily wisdom’s’ ‘text’ at random. But the problem with this is that it would display a random one each time you load the page. How do i make it a new one each day?

I haven’t tried this, but I think you could create a field to save the date of the last day a wisdom of the day was shown to the user. And then create a WF that “When [user is logged in] and [current date is greater than current user’s date field]”:

1 - display a daily wisdom randomly;
2 - update the date field to the current date.

What would trigger this and how would it work?


If u add a :sorted operator to a list there’s a ‘random’ checkbox. Check the box and then add the :first item operator after.

I haven’t tried it but it should in theory work.

One approach. Create a new Data Type to store the random quote and the date. Only create a new thing when there isn’t already a record for the current date. Example below:

New Data Type defined as follows (2 fields Quote Reference and Date):

Step two is after the conditional “Create a thing…” action, set a state on the page to the quote for today. Do this by searching for quotes and finding the current daily quote by constraining the quote to the daily quote for today (shown in the second image below):

Thanks, but i’m a little confused, so would i have to assign a day of the month to each quote or something ? that doesn’t sound right because then i could only have like 30 quotes haha.

I’m also confused about the “create new thing” that you have happening on page load, if its creating a quote then where is it getting it from? another list? idk.

So are you saying that i need to have a database item that just has a bunch of ‘wisdoms’ (let’s say, 200), then when the page loads we are going to create A DIFFERENT database item that gets its text from one of the 200 texts, what happens after 200 days? does it keep creating the 200 over again, why?

See, i have no idea what is happening here because i’m not a pro bubble user. If you could explain it a basic terms that would really help me understand . Thanks.

I think i solved it: