GET API call with an array

I’m trying to call an GET API call, with one of the values as an array.

In Xano when I make this API call, it works fine:

However when I copy the value of feed_users into Bubble, it doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize it as an array:

And in API Connector, there isn’t even an “Body” option. I noticed it’s not available if it’s a GET API call:

I have no idea how to make this work. Any ideas?

don’t press enter. [69,44]

That doesn’t work either.

If it’s a GET with a body the API Connector still doesn’t have that as an option :roll_eyes:

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Note: Sending body/payload in a GET request may cause some existing implementations to reject the request — while not prohibited by the specification, the semantics are undefined. It is better to just avoid sending payloads in GET requests.

from GET - HTTP | MDN

it’s better to add url parameters than a body for a GET request. Bubble’s implementation is correct in this regard.

Any idea how I can do that with an array?