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Add JSON body in GET request

Hello community.

Does anyone know how to add json body to a GET request in bubble’s API connector?

Please help?

In API connector API call, you can find 2 options 1st is form data and another is json. Choose json and you will able to send json.

Thanks @tanejachirag19 , but what you are referring to is available to a POST method. I am asking about a GET method.

I guess that’s not an option in bubble. You can probably mail bubble support and they may give you an alternative

Do you know of any alternative plugins to Api Connector?

@paulmkhonta You can create your own plugin on bubble where you can setup your API calls. But in case you want to use REST API, the plugin creator also does not support JSON body in GET call.

Although, you can send JSON in parameter value as well, I guess that might also work