API Connector with GET parameters array /Xano


I am the following API endpoint with Xano taking an array / list of integer https://x8ki-letl-twmt.n7.xano.io/api:sbzCn5ow:v1/articles?ids[]=1,ids[]=2

In API Connector I tried :

Not working:

Working but number of item is limited, I need to pass every single ids…

Anyone found a workaround / proper solution ?


Okay found a way to dynamicly pass array of integer/text to a parameter GET in API Connector

Not pretty but handles well any length of array ids



Yeah, got tired and I’m just using post now lol

prefer to handle workaround on bubble than xano to keep REST API :slight_smile:

Argh. Thanks for the hint/workaround. It’s a shame that we need to use such complicated workarounds for simple things.

What’s important here is to use the params via the [] in the API url, if the params are defined below it won’t work either.

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