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Get basic info from external URL and make a bookmarklet?

Continuing the discussion from Pulling raw data from a browser page:

I’m working on an app where the user can share links to articles (like Hacker News/Reddit for example). Is there anyway to pull in basic info from an external URL? I doubt getting all of the opengraph info would work (unless there is some way to add onebox or iframely ) but at least the page title?

I’m doubting that blockspring and will work for this since it needs to happen in realtime when the user submits the url, but maybe that’s possible?

Along the same lines, the key for sites like this is having a quick submit bookmarklet. Would that be possible to connect to bubble? Any examples.

Much thanks.

I think Blockspring could do this. The way bubble works is that we make a new API call when the data used in the call changes, so if the user submits the URL, that should just do it. Have you tried the Giphy lesson? That’s the same logic. And I know Blockspring has good scrapping blocks.

What do mean by “quick submit bookmarklet”?

Sorry that wasn’t clear. The desired behavior is that users have a bookmark in their browser and when they see text they want to share they highlight it and click the bookmark/bookmarklet, it then opens the bubble app with the fields pre-filled for “url” and “text.” This is similar to how the Tumblr bookmarklet or Wordpress ones work.

More on bookmarklets.

That’s not something we support yet. If that’s important reach out by email and we can chat.