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Pulling raw data from a browser page

Not sure if I can use Bubble to do this…

We have a call manager that pulls information from a database and displays it in raw form in a browser page. Can I create something using Bubble that will recognize certain data in that browser page and then allow me to change it into a form that is useful? Does my question make sense?

There are some services that can crawl websites (check for this, they might have one). it’s not something Bubble can do natively, but there’s certainly a service that can do this.

@emaij I´m using for this. Takes a bit of hand on work to make it work but so far my tests are going well. Extracts the data from a webpage into csv and then I import it to Bubble.
They have an integration ti Blockspring that I haven´t tried yet but I will soon.

Well, just testing it out. Have a look at it and see if it can help you.

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Also is very easy to use.

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