Get Content of an external URL

Hello Bubblers!

I want to send an HTML email and get the content for this email from a URL that changes each time.
How do I get the content of a URL to send it as the body of an email in a background workflow?

Appreciate any help!

Does the URL host an HTML document that you want to send as the body of the email? If so, you can download the API connector addon and make an API GET request to the url, retrieving the entire html document as text.

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Yes, i want it to be the body.
Thanks! Interesting approach, I’ll try that.

It also occurred to me that bubble’s emails may not support html out of the gate. So you can either try converting it to bbcode, finding a plugin, or connecting to an external email sending API. If you go for the third option, you can use the API connector addon as well.

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