Parsing the contents of an inbound html email

Hi there,
I have set up a scenario where email is hitting an inbound server and the contents of the email is being sent Bubble Backend workflow API. I am attempting to extract the data using both:

  • Request Data’s Html Body: extract with Regex and
  • Request Data’s Html Body: find & replace - using a regex pattern



I have an expression that works when using something like but because the Extract with Regex operator in Bubble does not support regex extension, I am not able to narrow the search down to exactly what I want and so getting more data that I want.

From research that I have done, i believe I need to use find and replace but do not quite get how this is to be configured to give me what I want.

Bottom line, I simply want to extract firstName, lastName and emailAddess from emails that I am receiving by scraping this out of the body of the email’s that I receive. Have been using Zapier’s Parsing engine but migrating away from this,

Many thanks in advance to anyone who is able to guide me towards getting this to work.


Just tagged a few peps - to see if someone can help with this little challenge I am having
@keith @Jici @boston85719 @jared8 @davidscott.pal

Without having the body of html, it’s hard to help. Normally extract with regex should work.

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