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Hi! Love so far - currently building my first application.

I have completed all of the interactive tutorials, searched the forum and looked at the reference guide - still can’t figure it out so asking here:

On the first page, index, I save a set of user inputs to the database. One of them is amount. Lets say it was 15.
Continuing to the second page, I want to use some of the data saved in the first step:

a) I want to display the value of amount stored in the current user session, in a text visible to the user.
b) I want to use the value of amount stored in the current user session, when charging the user, using Stripe.

How do I accomplish this?

Hi @havard.muggerud!

For your first question: You can send data from Page 1 to Page 2 by simply setting up a few items.

A few ways to do this; but if you just want to pass a value and aren’t using something from a list of things, try this:

On Page 1: Start a workflow on your Button (if that’s what you’re using to navigate to Page 2)

Next we’ll send that input value to Page 2 using a parameter. Something like this in your workflow:

Highlighted in red, you’ll use your Dynamic Value. Which would be something like ‘Input A’s Value’.

Now let’s go to Page 2. You can put a text box on the page, and set it’s Dynamic Value to something like this:


Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


@lantzgould I love you. Crisp and clear explanation that worked! Thanks!

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Anytime :slight_smile:

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