Get data from Google calendar and create/update a thing in bubble database

I would like to hire someone for the following gig (specifically point 2 and 3).

  1. User gives authorization to google calendar (there are plugins for this)
  2. create a thing in the bubble database for each google calendar event
  3. When an event in google calendar is edited/added/deleted the edit is automatically reflected in the bubble database

feel free to comment here or contact me via dm


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Let’s talk :eyes:

I have the setup ready to go!


Hey @jared.gibb
Already sent you a message :slight_smile:

Hello @jared.gibb, would you be willing to share a couple of tips re this? I have oauth working and calls to google calendar API are returning ID’s but I’m unable to get events saved to the database eg. Many thanks in advance- Use case is same as above.

What’s your ultimate goal.

To import or to sync? And for what end purpose?

Those answers help dictate my approach

Eg. I wrote a mini-service that can import loads of events to the front end only, the. You could pick and choose which to save

Appreciate the speedy reply, Jared

Ideally sync- Since I am seeing both create and retrieve workflow options, I’m guessing this isn’t overly complex ? (Import would be ok otherwise.)

My end purpose is to display in app calendar events in a schedule (probably a repeating group) that also shows tasks generated by my app on the same screen. Right now I’m just looking to get events listed chronologically much like Google’s daily schedule email.

Thanks in advance,