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Get data from plugin API (calendar) and create a thing (event)

Context: I am using a google calendar plugin from Zeroqode that fetches google calendar data.
Objective: I want to create an “event” in the database that updates automatically when the name of the actual event data changes (i.e. when I change the name of the event in the actual google calendar)
What I can do (which is not what I want to achieve):

  1. Backend workflow with “name” parameter
  2. Run workflow on the list of all events

But this way, I can only create static data that does not change when I change it in the google calendar. I want to have a parameter of type “Calendar Events Item (Google Calendar)” (i.e. API data type) there is no such type on selection of parameters. What should I do?

If I understand correctly, I think you might need to use Zapier or Integromat to capture the change to the google event.

  1. when the event is change in google calendar
  2. zapier or integromat are ‘watching’ for it (I think they both have triggers for this)
  3. grab the unique id from the google calendar event (I assume you’re storing that in bubble already)
  4. find and update in your system

I don’t see how your workflow will know the name has changed, unless there’s a config or trigger option in Zeroqode’s plugin?

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I don’t think there is such an option in Zeroqode’s plugin actually. I didn’t even know you need such a trigger :sweat_smile:. I will be looking at these two solutions then.
thanks for the help :slight_smile:

P.S: Do you know of any example that uses Integromat with google calendar data?

I think you can just use Bubble Backend WF to receive webhook from Google Calendar

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thanks for the reply. I followed you suggestion and tried to implement this process but got stuck at “Sample API Call - Get Contacts” (“get emails” in my case). Seems too complicated for my API knowledge. Will try @agiledood solution now :slight_smile:

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