Google calendar events

Hey, I was wondering if there is a plugin that allows me to pull events from my google calendar every day. It should be automatic, no user interaction in the bubble app needed.

Thans in advance

Yes. But you need to set it up to be automatic.

Okay, what plugin are you referring to? @jared.gibb

im referring to the FullCalendar Scheduler suite. A solid question I would ask you as why. Why pull all those events into your database when you can work with them on the fly?

If you’re doing it on a daily I’m guessing that you just want to re-create your Google calendar in bubble. There’s issues with the concept that you’re suggesting because if an event ever gets changed that change won’t be reflected in your database. It’s easier to work with Events on the fly in most cases but not all.

Can you provide more context about your used case for pulling calendar events into your bubble app and storing them in the database?

Thanks for the info. I would like to make some changes to my User Data type based on those events. e.g., if there is an event that would make place between 2 a 4 on the current day, I change the user data type based on that and the same with all events. I can do it without storing for sure, the tricky part for me is making the change in the User in the date range of every event, I was thinking of doing it with a backend Workflow.

Btw, i tried the plugin that you mentioned: Full Calendar Scheduler Suite Plugin | Bubble … It doesn’t work, I don’t see any events reflected…

Thanks for your replies.

You have to configure it such that it calls to google and you then feed those into the calendar. It’s not automagically reading calendar events.

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