Get data from page url linked databases

Can anyone advise on how to get data from a linked database using page parameters.

I have a page that contains the current users data - what I want to achieve is that the user then is able to navigate to another page passing the data from the current page.

I then need to be able to display data from a separate database that wasnt created by the original user.

The app is a marketplace where the current user creates a request and then receives an offer from another user.

The current user needs to be able to see the offers they have received linked to the original request.

I am trying to pass the current things unique id when navigating to the second page but for some reason the data doesnt appear to be displaying.

When looking at the structure of the database the two databases are linking the two datatypes - so must be somewhere I am going wrong when passing the url parameters.

Screen shot is below of the parameters that I am sending to the page.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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