Current Page Thing (Passing URL Parameter)

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I am having a problem.

I’m trying to send a user to a page with a url parameter so they can edit a specific database record. I am able to include the uid in the url, but I can’t seem to load that specific uid on the page content I’m sending them to. The documentation says I need to create a “Current Page Thing” in the Data Source, but the option isn’t available and I’m not sure how to enable this for my data.

Thanks for any insights.

I figured it out. I guess i just needed to ask.

Step 1. Create a workflow for the link “go to page”
destination = page
Data to sent Parents groups

Step 2. On the page set the Type of Content for the page field to the data you want to display.

Display corresponding data by showing "Parent group’s


You may want to test using links instead of workflows for navigating to new pages…my understanding is links help with google crawling you page, but I’m not sure. I also think links are supposed to help with your site map ( I suppose this is connected to google crawling your page ).

The other benefit of links is that you can potentially get some SEO boost.

When using links another benefit is passing the data through the URL…when you pass the data through the URL as a path you can set the data type on a group, instead of the page itself…I forget exactly where it was that I learned about this stuff, but I think I remember the URL path giving a “clean URL” and to do so you couldn’t set the page to the data type and it had to be on a group.