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HI there I am trying to get the shipping cost to change based on the number of stores a customer shops at. So when they shop at more than two stores the shipping fee is $ 80 and when they shop at more than 3 stores the shipping cost is $100. This is what i have so far but it does not seem to work. Can u guide me.!|690x330

hey can you be more precise what the problem is? We can’t help you if are not precise enough.

what the debuggers says?

from the screen above the what can cause some issues is using “formatted as” this command will transform the number into text format

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I have a multi store platform that customers can shop at diffrent retailers. So I want to add to the delivery fee every time someone adds items from a diffrent store.

I understand that but what’s the problem? the numbers are wrong or there is no numbers?

ok so what it is doing is adding to the delivery fee once there are three items from the same store. it should not add to the fee if there are items from the same store. Only add when other items from a diffrent store is added to cart

try removing “Formatted as”

Hi I tried that but still does not work.

it does not seem to be recognising the number of stores but rather the number of items. So once there are more than 2 items from the same store it adds to the delivery total. It should only look for the number of stores.

hai @marlonromano i have a same project. In my project, shops can fix delivery charges. so while finding the total item price, i can add delivery charge also to that total price.

for your case i think you can do work flow for 80$ and 100$ delivery cost seperatly by adding “only when” your condition is true(ie, items from 2 store or items from 3 store.)

can u given me an example of how this will look? Like where do i setup the work flow?

hi can u explain in more detail please

you can replace the 1st red as 80$ and put your condition in 2nd red marking.
do the same for 100$ also. then according to the condition, 80$ or 100$ will add.
I didn’t see your app structure. So i can tell you the logic only.

this is my logic

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