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Get Errors responses

@emmanuel Could you expose “Alerts” with all the errors which occured somewhere in our apps, especially within the API, which is still like a black box. When something doesn’t happen as expected, it’s hard to debug / find the error. When hitting an error with Stripe, SelectPDF or other 3rd party, read their error response would help.
And in production, it’s very recommended to oversee what’s going on there.

Still pushing further :slight_smile: Best,


Right now I’ve got several series workflows and a TEMPORARY_BUG.
Feedback @emmanuel : if theses alerts could contain information about WHERE the bug / error response happen, it would help a lot.

When you’ve got a long process, with page’s workflows which trigger Reusable Elements’s workflows, which trigger themselves scheduled workflows (API), it’s a pain to debug without any clue about where the issue is.


This would be a very helpful feature.