Your own error messages


In the workflow pane > create a new workflow > when an unhandled error occurs.

You can also do when a specific element has an error running a workflow.


Yep, I always do this. Really helps keep the UI my own :+1:

Great thanks… I must be going blind but I cant seam to find the specific element has an error?


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Hi @duke.severn,

I have been using my own errors when an unhandled error occurs using the Bubble CORE Messages for other areas like Login and Signup, but I’m struggling to find what the Stripe Error codes are to use my own error alerts. Where can I find the different Stripe Error codes to show my own alerts depending on the error code?


Thanks @chris.williamson1996,

Is it as simple as replacing it with Stripe Error codes? Does Bubble recognise this format?



Do you want to check the language tab? I think they’re there.

Hi @rukevweb,

I’m using Stripe.js 2 not Bubble Stripe Plugin, so the errors are not in the Language tab. Can I just replace the error codes with the stripe error codes (Stripe error codes) that @chris.williamson1996 mentioned?


You can install standard bubble plug-in to get the error codes I believe.

You can also use “only when error contains (error code)”


It’s possible do the same but with confirmation messages?
For example, your credentials has been uploaded successly…
I can´t find how do it.