Get IP or country from email address?

Is there a way to get the IP or the country associated to an email address via API/plugin?

The thing is I have a list of email addresses and would need to get their countries. As I don’t have the IP for those users (because I was not saving the IP when saving the email address), the best proxy I can think of is passing the email address through a system that can give me back the IP. And with that IP, I could use a “where’s my IP”-like tool to get the country for that email address. But even then I’m afraid that I’d get the IP of the email server, rather than the IP of the email owner. Just thinking of ways to get the country of origin retrospectively when I don’t have the country/IP/similar.

I’ve even tried running a workflow that gets “Current User’s IP address” (available once you install the plugin Ipiphy) for existing entries on my database, expecting the IP was somehow stored on the database already -lol-, but it returns weird IPs from the US always (I guess it’s the IP of Bubble’s server used to run the API workflow).

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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