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Get List of Values using SQL Connector Plugin (Postgresql)


I am trying to connect our bubble app to our sql database instead of the built in bubble database. I made an exact copy of our database in bubble to make a postgresql database with supabase.

I use the SQL Connector Plugin from to connect with our SQL database but I cannot seem to query the data when I need a list as dynamic paramater.

When I query the data with two dynamic parameters and these paramaters are single values (for example see attached screenshot where “From Player” is a single value because I do a Search for :first item in the app) there is no problem.

Schermafbeelding 2021-11-23 om 08.26.59

But when I query for a paramater with multiple values (I do a search for a list of “From Player” in the app and I need to query all data where “From Player” is in the list) it doesn’t return any data.

Schermafbeelding 2021-11-23 om 08.30.18

It is not the case that I get an error, the query runs it just doesn’t show any value in my repeating group where I do a search for a list of “From Player”.

Did someone encounter this issue earlier and has a solution for this?