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Get loop like functionality by getting data inside nested repeated group from the parent repeated group

Hi I would like to access a field of a parent Repeated Group inside a nested repeated group, just how Loops work for example in PHP.

What I want to do:

  1. I loop over Projects (parent repeated group)
  2. In every single Project I loop over the 7 days of the week (child repeated group)
  3. I show the names of the days of the week: Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.
  4. When I click on a day for example “Mon” then I want to save: The day(child) + project(parent) inside another data type called "Packages"

What i cannot do:
When I click on “Mon” I cannot access the Project from the parent repeated group, but only the day of the week (“Mon”) from the current child repeated group (days of the week).

Is it possible to get access to the Project name of the parent repeated group inside the element of the child repeated group?

I found the solution! You need to make:

  1. Create Repeated group named Projects - Repeated Group
  2. Set Repeated group “Type of content” (in this case Project)
  3. Set “Data source” to Search for Projects

  1. Create group inside Repeated group named Project item - Group
  2. Set group “Type of content” to Project
  3. Set “Data source” to “Current cell’s Project”

  1. Create repeated group (in this case “Dates - Repeated Group”) nested inside group (made at 4.)
  2. Set repeated group “Type of content” and Data source to what you want.
  3. You can now use Value’s from the upper parent Repeated group “Projects” by clicking “Insert dynamic data” (See screenshots)

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 21.23.27
Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 21.25.24


Many thanks Ruben for this solution explanation which helped me a lot.
Another issue related to the nested repeating group : mine is sourced by a list in a page’s custom state, and is not updated when the list is updated outside the group, the nested repeating group is not refreshed automatically.
Any solution for that by any chance ?
A workflow “Repeating Group / display list” cannot work as the nested repeating group is not seen outside the group :confused: