Nested Repeating Groups access data

Hi Bubblers,

So it all revolves around Repeating Groups. I’m looking for suggestions of video tutorials that address talk about inheriting data from higher Nested Grouped cells.

For instance:
Loop Search Theme
– Loop Companies
---- Open a popup --> I need the Theme object from the top cell in the pop-up with the select company.

Please share videos or Bubble video channels you found helpful.

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I’ll just refresh this,… anyone with suggestions? The question in
IF you have nested repeating groups, how to show a value from the first nested loop in something in the 3rd nest?

The only way I can think of how nested repeating groups work is that the data in the repeating groups are related in your database in some way.

For example I have a data type of teams with a data field of players which is related to a data type of players.

The data type of players has a data field of favorite games which is related to a data type of games.

So a nested repeating group has the main repeating group set to teams, with a nested repeating group of players set to current cells teams list of players. Then the players repeating group has a nested repeating group of type games which is set to current cells players list of games.

If I want to show information from the first repeating group of teams when a user selects a value from the third repeating group of games, I would have to make sure the games data type has some relation to the player data type and the player data type has some relation to the team data type

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Thanks for following up!
And yes there is a relationship between the data. It just seemed so much work too pas on the ‘active’ key to the next repeating group only to do a new search for a variable based on that one,… when technically the relationship is already defined.
I was wondering if there where shortcuts I wasn’t aware of :slight_smile: But so far one just needs to put in the work :slight_smile:

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