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Get notified when Bubble has an issue

Hi fellow Bubblers,

Occasionally folks will inquire about Bubble’s underlying performance, inevitably leading to someone pointing out the Status page.

I thought it would be cool to build a notification tool for tracking the status page proactively so I gave it a shot. After building out a prototype in Bubble itself I realized that was inherently silly (because if Bubble’s down for some reason…) and had to refactor it outside of the platform.

That was a task in itself as I’m no programmer, but I managed to cobble together a working version by combining Apifier + Zapier with a little elbow grease and I am happy with the result. You can sign up at to receive an email any time the status changes to anything other than “All Systems Operational.” At the moment I am checking the page every 15 minutes for updates.

Ideas for extending:

  • Mirroring the additional communication channels provides (SMS, Slack, etc.)
  • Stitch together a status dashboard of commonly used services that expose a public status page
  • Allow users to subscribe to a digest of notifications across popular services (versus individual emails for each)

What do you all think? Is this something that could be helpful/useful?



I find it useful Thanks for this.

However take a look at as it’s what Bubble uses for this. Maybe there is a way for bubble team to expose somehow the webhooks so they can be integrated with Slack or SMS as you mention.