Idea: Bubble Updates (Incidents, App Utilization Alerts, etc) via Slack

For the Bubble team: it would be nice if there was a Slack bot that shared updates about my Bubble apps and the Bubble platform:

Ideas for what this could relay (in priority order):

  • Incident alerts
  • Server utilization reports
  • New Product Features and Announcements
  • Billing confirmations / issues

In the prioritization schema, this would be a nice to have. Though it would drastically help with information relay since these messages are coming through disparate channels.

I do this via Zapier. Although it just the standard updates, but you could add in the others with Zapier as well.

True, a good interim solution.

Your comment prompted me to look closer at the page. (I must’ve missed it before, but there’s a giant “Subscribe” button for general alerts. I’d only subscribed to current incidents, skipping right past that button).

For the benefit of others: you can easily subscribe to general incident alerts via via email, text message or webhook).