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Get paid to upload photos to an Option Set

Hi I’m looking to hire someone on a fixed price basis for a specific task. Essentially, I have an option set with 150 items, and each item needs photos uploaded to an “image (list)” attribute.

Across the 150 items, 30 of them need just one photo uploaded to the “image (list)” attribute, and 120 of them need four photos uploaded to the “image (list)” attribute.

Bubble doesn’t make this very easy to do, so images need to be uploaded for each item individually. I’m looking for someone to upload these images for me.

I’ll provide all the images to be uploaded (sent over Google Drive), with each file in a folder corresponding to an option.

Let me know if you’re interested in this job. Happy to work out a payment scheme that is partially upfront, and partially upon completion.


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Hello @fraserallanbest

Just send you a DM now

Just curious. Why do you do this in an Option Set and not in a table?
All the advantages of OS that I can think of don’t make much sense if you have 150 items.

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You definitely should not use Option Set for storing images if you are not going to kill your app performance and make user experience awful :slight_smile:

Option sets become a part of your application’s source code meaning that they are downloaded as part of the JavaScript file that makes up your application. As such, they don’t require a database lookup and are cached on the user’s device until you deploy a new version of your app, making them fast-loading and lightweight.
[Bubble manual]


As @artemzheg said, it will effect your performance.

But it you want to use Options set. I suggest use a text field as url of those pictures and store somewhere in clouds.

And inside you app give the url inside image view.

I hope this will be less bulky.

Exactly. The option set with it’s entirety of images will be loaded in the user’s browser… Big chance of very bad performance.

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Indeed, if you’re ever dealing with a list of things that change or a list larger than, say, 20 items, you should probably implement as a regular table.

This also depends on application. Right, normally if you’re trying to cache a bunch of images it’ll be slow to load… but if you’re accessing the data over and over again it might be worth it.

If the man wants to pay, listen to him! :wink:

Hello @fraserallanbest
Uploading many images inside an Option Set is not a good idea. Trust me, it will negatively impact your app’s performance.

If you want to cache the images, I suggest caching the URL instead. This will help to improve your app’s performance and ensure a better user experience.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

Best regards,