Get photos from instagram business profile

I am trying to get a simple feed of images from a instagram business profile, just like you can easily do on any website creator. How to go about this in Bubble? I just want to show them in a repeating group/grid.

There is no plugins for this as I can see.

Anyone care to share something on this? :slight_smile:



Are you trying to embed your instagram on your webpage? This could be pretty simple. Like this:


However, If you are actually trying to put them in a repeating group you will probably have to connect it with the Instagram API.

Instagram API info:

API Connector help video from @neerja

This might be how you can do it. I haven’t done it yet but it seems like this would be the way to do it.

Thanks for your input and good info:) I’m just trying to use the photos of a certain instagram page (business) to use on a bubble made website.

I looked into the links and will dive into it but,

It seems a bit complicated still this api thingy, anyone done exactly instagram integrations?


Did you ever get this figured out? Trying to so something similar!

@zachary.dorsch Nah, never got this to work. I gave it up for now. It’s easy in Wordpress to add an Instagram feed like this, was hoping it’d be easy here, but I dont have the hang of the Bubble Connector thing yet, so I’ll stay away for now.

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Hi, I figured this out and created a post about it here!