New plugin - Instagram Graph API (Business) integration with OAuth

Our most requested Instagram Graph API plugin (Business) is now available!

The plugin handles the entire OAuth process (auth + tokens) for Instagram Graph API for business accounts and calls the relevant APIs.

Instagram Developer Account
Setting up your developer account with Instagram (now merged within Facebook), can get a bit tricky. To help with setup, we have added additional documentation that details how you can setup your Facebook Developer portal in order to start using the Instagram Graph API. You can find the detailed documentation for this here: Integrating with Instagram Graph API - Pathfix | Documentation

APIs and Calls Included
Plugin includes the following API calls (based on requests received):

Looking for specific API? Let us know!

Plugin Setup Documentation:

Note: Due to the nature of integration (IG business accounts), you will need your own Facebook developer account and a Pathfix account to add the integration

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team via email or chat for any setup assistance

Pathfix Team



Amazing! Paathfix is fantastic and this looks like an incredible implementation

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Thanks so much Reece :heart:

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I recently started using this Plugin. However I am encountering an issue. I followed the steps in the Pathfix documentation, and tested the GET calls to instagram, which work perfectly. However, the POST requests aren’t working.

Pictured above is the call. I tested a POST video request from the API Playground on pathfix as well, Instagram sends me a response back to indicate that the POST request has been sent. However, in both the POST image, and POST video calls, no post shows up in the instagram business account.

Would love some guidance on this matter. Thanks.

Hey @posting we’d love to!

Instagram has 2 step process before it appears on Instagram:

  1. Post (which you have already done)
  2. Publish (using the ID returned by Step 1 in the workflow)

If you add a Step 2 to your workflow and call the Publish action, this should do it for you.

If you do encounter any difficulties, do reach out to us via live chat or email :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @Pathfix !! That worked wonderfully.

Just one more thing and I’ve been stuck on this for a while. I’ve made integrations with:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram Graph API

I need different workflows to run depending on which one of the two that the user connects with. An easy way would be to keep both of them on different pathfix connector design elements. However, it seems there is no way to do so.


Could you kindly tell me if there is a way if I can keep both connect buttons on separate Pathfix connectors? Thank you!

A better way to do it is to watch for the User Consented event in the workflow which triggers when a user connects.

Do reach out to us via live chat or email, we can walk you through the setup

I don’t quite understand this. I’m always connected to facebook and instagram via the pathfix connector. Does this workflow only run when I first connect?

Also, do I need to create a “provider” custom state attached to the pathfix connector (and if so, what do I do with it?)

The state allows you to check the user consented status for a provider.

Here is the link to the documentation to show how you can capture the user consented state for each provider:

Thank you so much for this very useful plugin! I’ve managed to get the Media, but when I want to read the insights for the media (or comments), the data source is “forcing” a “is not in” condition, and really not sure what to put here. Can anyone help with this pretty please ?

Hey @Pathfix I want to post multiple images to Instagram in a single post (i.e., carousel). Can I do this using the plugin + a recursive backend workflow or do I have to use the IG Graph API to make a carousel API call in the API Connector?