GET Request Parameters Ignored

Hi all,

I’ve looked through previous posts pretty thoroughly and haven’t found an answer for this, so my apologies if this has indeed been discussed previously.

I am currently working in Kinetise to create a native app using my Bubble app database. Whenever I make an API request using constraints on the desktop, the response that is returned is 100% correct and as expected. However, when I test this out on my mobile device, every entry is returned and the constraints seem to be ignored.

Initially I thought this may just be a Kinetise issue, so I tried it out in Bubble using the API connector and made the exact same request:

Again, I get all results back instead of results based on the constraints. I’ve attached a screenshot of the request from, which also returns the correct response.


Has anyone else had this issue/been able to solve it? Thanks a lot!

Hi @brown2te, were you or anyone else able to get this to work? I include the constraints in my request to get data from from the API but I am getting all the data rather than narrowed down to the ID that I am requesting. Thanks!!

My response here is late, but hopefully it helps others (or @tmuelle1 and @brown2te if you were never able to solve).

Put the constraint as a parameter in the body below, not in the endpoint URL:

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