Possible Bug? API params not working as expected

I’ve run into this on more than one app so it’s time to post.

I typically build an API call in Postman to make sure it works before trying it in bubble. Then I try it in bubble with no params set (it usually works), then I try to break down the params before implementing it in my bubble app.

What is happening though, is when I go to convert my value pairs to params, the API call fails. Even when everything looks 100% right.

See my sample app, which only has the API Connector plugin and two calls, a test call with the full API call in it, and my real call, which I had tried and failed to break down into params. Any idea what is happening here?

I got successful responses from both…?

Oh boy, Gaby is on the job! I meant for a person to try to convert the one to params. I can do it now and you’ll see.

Ok! Let me know :slight_smile:

As you see it’s converted over but now it’s throwing a mess of errors.

Fixed! I made a copy with my name in it. I moved all the parameters out of the URL and down to the body of the request where the parameter fields are.

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You’re the heroin this city needs, Gaby!

So I’m going to call this a UI bug then because it did not make your solution intuitive.

You did add parameters with the button, not the brackets?

Yes, I used that button. It’s because you’re using query parameters which the bottom built-in “form” is for, although you can also keep everything in the endpoint url. However, if those parameters were specifically url parameters, then they’d need to stay up there.

See this:

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