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Get Result of Step X from outside workflow

Is there any way to get a result from a workflow from the main area or assign it a temp variable to use within another workflow or text field?

Using a custom state should accomplish what you’re looking for

I saw that, but I can’t seem to update the value of the text using it. I can only use it in the conditional section.

My workflow creates a new item which stores a number. I need to display that number later on.

The custom state should work in a workflow, not just the conditional tab. You just need to select the object that it’s attached to, and the state should show as an option.

I’m not in front of a computer to post an example right this second, but it should work.

Worst case, you can always store the value as a field on the user.

That’s the thing, I need to store before they are a user. I’ll keep playing with it. Trying to find an example of the value of text changing using custom state.

EDIT: I need it outside of the workflow on the design page.I can use it within the workflow.