Get the last changed item in multidropdown

Hi everybody.

Do you guys have a solution how to get for a workflow the last changed item of the multidropdown. I know there is a parameter last, but not sure it it always work. Especially if the user deletes an item from the middle of the multidropdown.

I need this feature as I want to delete something based on the users actions. As creating is pretty simple.

users can not delete or change data directly in a multidropdown…there needs to be functionality to select an item from the multidropdown to then have other elements utilized for changing the selected value.

Hi Boston.

What I meant was delete data from this multidropdown. I don’t mean the bubble thing. I want to catch the latest changed element in multidropdown .

So you want the user to select the data entry from the multidropdown and have that data entry deleted?

You want the latest changed data entry to be displayed in the multidropdown?

I need to catch in the workflow the last changed item. Either added or deleted from this multidropdown.

If you’re using data types, I’m sure you can check if the value has changed.

But I think there’s no way to specifically reference to the last changed option in the multi select dropdown.

You could use multi select dropdown’s value last item though but it will only reference to the last item in the list, not the last changed item.

Again you can not add or delete items from the multidropdown…having said that and the continuation of your statements, I assume there is just a confusion over the wording used to describe your need.

I think what you actually need is that you want to know for the purposes of adding a value to a workflow action, which of the values in the multidropdown have been either added or deleted most recently.

Now, problem is, if the item is deleted, it will also be removed from the multidropdown and you will no longer have access to the item, since, well, it was deleted, so impossible to use and reference in a workflow.

But, for knowing which is the most recently added, simply use the built in field of created date…so you workflow action will have a dynamic expression for populating the value in the workflow, something like the follow

multidropdowns value :sorted by creation date first item

If you want to know the most recently modified item, use the built in field of modified date in the same way you would the created date for most recently added.


That is brilliant man. Thanks

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