Get the user name follow by his last name from a list of user

Hello Bubblers,

I need some help…
I am trying to create an audit trail and show the old value and the new value of things.
Let’s say that in my process I have a file approbation user list.
So if a new user is added or one is removed from this list, I would like to show it in my audit trail.

In the old and new values are stored the list of the user.
Now i am trying to show in my table the First Name and the Last Name of the users but when try i get:

  • first, the First Name list of the users
  • then the list of their Last Name
    What I am trying to achieve is to get The First name then the Last Name of each user together.


Let’s say that your repeating group’s type of content is user, that it’s data source is a search of users and you have a text element inside it. The user data type has a first name field of type text another field called last name of type text.

Your text element should say: current cell user’s first name [space] current cell user’s last name

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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