"List of" Users - Show details of list items

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I have a table with a LIST OF users:


Now I want to display the user’s forename+" "+surname in a repeating group.
How can I achieve that?

Here’s my user’s table:


  • Just place the search on the rg
  • In a text element just use current cell firstName (space) current cell lastName

This should do the trick :wink:

Now I want to display the user’s forename+" "+surname in a repeating group.

Well, if you want to display that in a RG (as stated in your question) then you need to use a RG (not a text element).

So just set the RG datasource to: Current Cell’s Kalender’s Von Benutzer (assuming the Von Benutzer field is a list of Users)

Then add a text element inside the cell and use Current Cell's User's Forename Current Cell's User's Surname

Alternatively, if you want to display them in a text element instead of a RG (as suggested by your screenshot), then don’t do a search inside the RG cell… just ad the text element to the cell, and set its content to: Current Cell’s Kalender’s Von Benutzer: formatted as text.

Then use This User’s Formename This Users Surname, and whatever delimiter you like.

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But my RG has already a query:

  1. I have a table called “kalender”.

  2. I also have another table, for example “KalenderUsers”. In this table is the kalender table linked. Also there’s a field “users” (list), where one or more users can be stored.

  3. And I also have my (standard) users table.

Example data:

  1. Table “kalender”:

Field: “caption” [text] / value: “Just a test.”

  1. Table “kalenderUsers”:

Field: “Von Kalender” [kalender] / value:
Field: “users” [list of users] / value: “user1, user2, user3”

  1. Table “Users” (default table)

Field: “Surname” [text] / value: “Mueller”
Field: “Forename” [text] / value: “Hans”

Now I want to display (in a RG):

  • data stored in the kalender table (“caption”)
  • data stored in Users table (“Forename + ’ ’ + Surname”) for all the listed users for that kalender record.

I hope I explained it well :wink:


Is there something you’re having trouble with?

yeah! I just want to display the user’s forname + " " + User’s lastname

Did you not understand my previous answer? If not, which part are you having trouble with?

Current Cell’s Kalender’s Von Benutzer: formatted as text is not correct, because my table “kALENDER” has a field called “from users”. this field is not the wanted field. this field is the user, that creates the Kalender-record.

I have another table just for linking elements between kalender and users-…

1 record from the kalender table has
1 linked record in the “linking-table”

now I want to display the forename and surname for each user (as@firma.com; rainer@…).

… my next life I want to be born as a native english speaker :smiley:

That’s the field you showed in your initial post… but if it’s not the field you want then just adapt what I said to whatever it is you’re actually trying to do - the principle is exactly the same.

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