Get URL parameters unexpected behavior (deleted thing)

Investigating an error I noticed a strange behavior involving “get parameter”, when writing it in the database via “Make changes to a thing”, but I couldn’t understand why this stopped working, and the application uses this resource a lot.

The app is kinda big so i will try to simplify. Here are some printscreens:

search for variaveis nfunc
This Stoped Working

search for variaveis funcionando

When I get the data from another elements, this records correctly in database.

The parameters appear correctly in the URL and the popup get it. But when i press the blue button the worflow should get the URL parameters and write it to database, and sometimes uses as constraints of “De a Search for…”. And this has worked before.

As a workaround, I can also use Custom States or record/read the parameters in database, but i think i should really understand the problem before changing a lot of workflows.

Could this be a bug or am I missing something?

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