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Data from parameters isn't showing up on my database (it keeps saying deleted things)

Hi Bubblers,

I need help with debugging this problem. My app is passing data between three pages via the parameters from one page to another. On page load (of the target last page), I use the Set State workflow to retrieve the data from the parameters and set two of the custom states of the page. I then use a Button to create a record and capture values from those two custom states. However, when I check the database, it always shows (deleted thing) and it doesn’t save the data on my database. please help me debug this. I’ve attached screen shots in order of the workflow and page sequence (from Step 1 to Step 5).

So thing is getting created and deleted by itself? Strange.
Is there any Workflow for deleting those things?

no, there isn’t any “delete” workflows whatsoever. They just keep getting deleted (and not saved). Super strange.

Check what really is happening when you’re creating that thing in the Debugger. Put the debugger in Step-by-step mode and see what are values of Type and Category when that thing is getting created.

@ arsedian.ivan did you manage to identify the error of the deleted thing . i am facing the same issues and i need suggestions on how to rectify this

Heya, sorry about the late reply. Yes, there was a resolution. I changed the data type into Text. And it stops automatically delete things.