Getting a Record of Your App

Hi All,

I’m 70% through my app and I now have a fear of clicking the wrong button and changing something, or Bubble itself experiencing a glitch.

Are there any best practices or tips anyone has for creating a record of their app? Or is there anything on Bubble that lets you download something like this?

I’m a visual person, so I keep thinking of a PDF with screen shots of all of the workflows, at first on a larger level and then a picture of each step within that workflow. I’m sure this sounds very basic but not sure what else is available.

Just want to be sure I can keep track of what I’ve built. After all the late nights and final breakthroughs on the littlest of things I can’t even imagine losing my work!


Not really.

Regularly copy LIVE data to DEV so you have a backup of the data.

Then regularly make copies with or without data of you app. That’s what I do.

You can also make a visual overview of all the data connections using @seanhoots air database diagram plugin .

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A little bit hacky, but I’m a huge fan of the Google Chrome plugin Screencastify.

You can record a walkthrough video of your app (what it’s like in live and through your editor). It’s more fun for nostalgia…being able to see how your app has evolved over time.

What I also encourage to make a backup branch of sorts. (Specifically, if you’re going to start hacking away at an app, and afraid of using the revert to previous function, make a copy of your app before working).

There were some good general comments on this theme in this post:

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Screencastify works wonders for this…quick and easy–and, helps to communicate/document in a more human approach. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all, these are super helpful. I think I’m going to go with the Screencastify route!

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