Curious About Your Process

As a solo no-code developer utilizing, I have created an ERP for the company I work for. However, I am curious if anyone else experiences a similar scenario to mine. Initially, I built a comprehensive ERP system for my company, but inevitably, there were requests and updates from my co-workers that I implemented over time to address concerns. My question is, does anyone here struggle with remembering the updates they have implemented?

At times, it feels like I have created a complex system that is difficult to keep up with as a single developer. This can be somewhat embarrassing when someone asks me about the app’s functionality, and I am unable to provide an immediate answer because I have either forgotten that I created the feature or too much time has elapsed for me to recall it accurately.

Is anyone is this same boat, or am I enjoying too many glasses of wine when Im implementing new feature for my team?

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I think the answer here is to keep proper documentation. This way if you get a coworker that can start helping you, they can just reference it and understand how everything works and where to find what.

The thing is that it is pretty hard to maintain, especially for one person. I always try to keep well structured notes when developing a project for that exact reason.

Yep, you’re gonna need to document these things. I actually lost track of requests and changes i made after a while.

Now i keep a wishlist and a changelog so I don’t drive myself nuts. Adding new features is fun but be careful not to end up with a heavily bootstrap app that will crumble when you try to optimize something. More important now with the new pricing and WU. Build on Bubble but don’t build LIKE Bubble.

Definitely in the same boat a while ago, solved it by doing two things:

  1. Started using Trello as a changelog

  2. Started using a testscript to test all the changes and it in detail describes how the app is supposed to work.