Getting Circular Reusable Element error

I am brand new to Bubble. I created a new blank page called index_new for now, edited the reusable header, and added it to my new page. The element is named Header A. When I click Preview the Header A element displays fine, but I get this error lower down the page: “This is a circular Reusable Element… Reusable Elements cannot contain themselves (or other Reusable Elements that contain them).”

When I Inspect the previewed page and click on the section that contains this error it states that this element is called Header B, but when I click on the elements drop-down in my Design window it only displays an element for Header A - no other headers are listed. See screenshots below. I cannot find any way to delete this Header B element. Any suggestions other than to start over? I’ve done quite a bit of work on the page that I don’t want to lose.


Please check if “Header B” is part of Reusable Element “Header A”, check elements tree of Header A

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Alan, that was the main step to solving this issue, thanks! Header B was part of RE Header A, which I didn’t even think to check. However, as soon as I removed Header B, the error still occurred but now stated it was related to Header A. As soon as I removed Header A then the error completely went away. I must have done something wrong when editing the default Header to include my logo. I tried completely removing the default Header (Header A) from my page and then re-adding it, but the error still occurred. I will just create a new header now and hope the error is gone for good. Thanks again for your help!

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