This is a circular Reusable Element

I have started running into this error more often and am not sure how to troubleshoot it.

Can someone point to a resource that explains core aspects of reusable elements and how they become circular?

I’m sure once I have my aha moment I will stop creating circular elements or immediately identify.

Hey @jones.joshua.d could you elaborate more on “circular”?

As for the core aspects of reusable elements, it’s basically an element that you could freely edit like a different page and “reuse” it to your different pages.

Here’s a good thread about Reusable elements by one of the best bubblers out there, Peter of Amlie Solutions


@ntabs I am not sure how to elaborate other than sharing the text appearing on my preview page (just below the header). The text reads “This is a circular Reusable Element… Reusable Elements cannot contain themselves (or other Reusable Elements that contain them).” and it overlays the other elements.
Thanks for sharing that article, beneficial guidance.
I have decided to simplify my site structure and will likely move away from using reusable elements altogether - I’ll have so few pages each page and elements will be custom enough.
Thanks for your input!

As the error message says, a reusable element can’t contain itself, or other reusable elements that contain them)…

So if you’re seeing that error message, then one of those two things must apply in your case.

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