Circular Reuseable Error - where to start?

Hello all,

After beavering away for at least a week, I’ve now noticed the Circular Reuseable Error. The problem is, I have no idea where to start looking for the error. I’ve rolled back the maximum I can and it’s still there.

I’ve read a few threads on here, but it still doesn’t make it any clearer.

Any help please!

Don’t you get some details from the error in debug mode? or maybe looking at the console in the dev tools?
Like something that can point you towards the element that is set up in a wrong way.

I’ve gone through 3 pages deleting every element, one at a time, before rolling back and have narrowed it down to a button element that has a tool tip icon within it. It is a reusable, but I don’t understand why it’s recently become an issue as I’m pretty certain I haven’t touched it. Confused!

Does the button gets used multiple times on the page or in a repeating group?
Do you pass any data to this group/reusable element?

@basel.3adel - yep, the same reuseable (alert element) was being used twice on same page but it pulls different content. I deleted and started again with basics.

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