Getting Counts of Items w/o Loading all Things

In order to reduce the amount of data required on page load, I’m converting my tables to fixed cell counts and allowing a user to move page by page (or jump to a page). This way, I don’t need to go fetch all of my data at once. Some lists may have tens of thousands of records.

In these tables, I’ve found it helpful to know where you are within the list and how many items are in the list.

I can use the Do a Search for:count method, but I think that will first need to load all of them. Do you know if there is a method (maybe I need to use the app’s API, or I can save the data as a field [although there are potentially many variation]) that will allow me to count the number of records without getting all of them?


I recall reading in one of the performance threads, one of the founders saying that if :count is immediately after do a search for, then it’s run server side. But if you have do a search for, then a filter or something executed client side, then :count, then yes it would need to load all the items to count. But try it out…

Re: APIs I don’t know.

PS: if you want to reduce data on page load, why don’t you just set up the RG as scroll so it only loads a few items at a time?

Here it is…