Performance Question

Let’s assume I have a page with a repeatable group RG that allows the user to sort, filter, and group the RG data in a variety of ways.

  • Every time the user changes the filters or group by options, does that hit the database? Or is the collection of data in the RG just processed client side?
  • Is it ever better to store a collection of objects in a page variable? Or just stick with using the RG’s “Search For” option to populate the data source? Or does it not matter?

So a few answers to your questions. First off, if you do the initial search, it will pull the entire list from the search to the page. If the data has filtered after the search, it will then filter the data already pulled. One tip is to filter as much as you can during the first search.

Now for what you can do for the future, I might recommend a plug-in by @gaurav. He has a utilities plugin that has something called easy lists. I use easy lists on a regular basis with a large amount of data for students. I just don’t tel him how much I use that plugin because I don’t want him to increase the prices. :yum:


Thanks for the input @josh10. I’ll check out that utilities plugin.

My understanding is…

If it’s in the “Search for” box, then yes it’s processed server side. If you have a scrolling RG, then it will only load what’s needed to populate what’s visible, plus a few more. If your RG is set up to load everything, it loads everything.

Note that most server side searches are very fast (unless you have stuff like nested searches). Also note that when you use :filterd or :sorted, those are usually done client side (and client side is slower).

I assume you mean custom states. I’ve read of some users loading searches into custom states or hidden RGs in the page, and then having the user searching/sorting work from that. I can’t recall if they are doing that to speed up the searching, or the loading. I have not gone down that route because my data set is too large to load on the page in its entirety, and the server side searches are fast for me. I’d say start with the simple “Search for” setup and then if that’s not working, explore other options.

I found these links really helped my understanding of how Bubble operates, which then informed my search/sort setup: What are your best tips for designing fast apps? - #4 by ed727

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Lol thanks for the feedback @josh10! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can commit here that I have absolutely no plans to increase the prices :smiley: Infact I am always looking to reduce the prices to the max extent possible. If in future bubble offers a bundle pricing option for plugins, I can assure that I’ll make all my plugins super affordable.


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Ha I would be all about a bundle because it could ensure consistent development methods. Too many plugins interfere with each other these days and I have a “trust” barrier between my apps and new plugin developers.

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